/Take an open approach to bathroom shelving

Take an open approach to bathroom shelving

A combination of cupboards, drawers and open shelves in this bathroom with wall in Dulux Porcelain Crab solves all the bathroom storage needs. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen, dulux.com.au

When you’re working out the best design for key rooms in your house, there’s a lot to juggle, from practical concerns about how the room will function to matching your choice of materials to your budget. That whole process can be even more fraught in the bathroom, which requires more trades to pull it together than any other room.

Part wash station, part wellness centre, bathrooms these days are a showcase for natural materials such as stone and timber, while also providing practical ways to keep clean and get through the daily routine with a minimum of drama.

Mischief managed

One of the key concerns that often gets overlooked, however, is storage.

Picture: Tom Ferguson

For the longest time, bathrooms, like kitchens, were all about the minimalist look, with sleek doors concealing the clutter.

In recent years, however, the advantages of open shelving have become apparent, mainly because a simple shelf offers easy access at maximum speed.

While it works wonders in the kitchen when you’re preparing dinner, an open shelf is just as useful in the bathroom when you need to quickly nab a bath towel or a bar of soap before getting in the shower.

While it offers possibilities for display, especially for smaller indoor plants, it works best for frequently used items to prevent the chance of dust or mould growing. It also works wonders on your bathroom renovation budget — open shelves cost considerably less to install than cupboards or drawers.